UberBeatz Studios is a fully Equipped, Professional Rehearsal Space. 
Each room is acoustically tuned with individual climate control.The rooms are kept ultra-clean and the hourly equipment is ALL PRO to provide you with the
most relaxed, creative and comfortable atmosphere. Rehearsal Rooms 
are rented on an hourly basis and require a 2 hour minimum booking.
We also have 21 Monthly rental rooms ranging is size from 12.5x10 ($375), 12'x12.5' ($425), 12x14 ($525) to 14'x15'($650) . All hourly's are available in 2-3+ hr blocks 7 days a week from 4pm-midnight.
- Tama Superstar drums
- Mapex Saturn Drumkit
- Ludwig Maple Classic drums
- Marshall JCM900 & Mod Vint heads
- VHT single channel 60wt head
- Line6 Bogner MK II 100 watt
- Blackstar Combo
- Marshall 4x12 Cabs
- Ampeg, SWR & GK Bass Rig
- Behringer/Mackie PA System 
- Room Size: 10' x 12.5', 12 x 12.5, 14 x 12.5 & 14'x15'..
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Hourly rehearsal is by appointment only 7 days a week from 4pm - midnight. Rooms are smoke free
and there is plenty of off
street parking.
We offer a positive music enviroment for musicians of 
all ages and styles.We are Musiciains helping Musicians!
Whether you need pics,strings drumsticks or cords there is a supply of accessories on site.