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Seattles best, band rehearsal and

recording facility!!

Our 22 new rooms are NOW OPEN!!!!
We have 1- 12x12, 1-12x14 and 2-14x15 rooms NOW OPEN  !!! 
Please contact to get on out waiting list..




About Us

We offer premium climate controlled, soundproof rehearsal spaces for a resonable price. We are musicians and understand the difficulty of trying to find a secure rehearsal venue, BUILT CORRECTLY (SOUNDPROOF) with no expense spared. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or for a tour of our facility.


425-218-2447 - JESSE CELL

425-263-9840 - OFFICE



UBERBEATZ Studios is a fully equipped, Professional Rehearsal Facility. Each room is acoustically tuned with individual climate control. The rooms are kept ultra-clean and the hourly equipment is ALL PRO to provide you with themost relaxed, creative and comfortable atmosphere.



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Recording Studio >>

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Guitar Amps

Marshall JCM900, JCM2000 & Mod Vint heads

Fender 5150 III Head

Peavey 6505+ Head

100 watt- Blackstar Combo-

Marshall 4x12 Cabs

2- Mesa Boogie Stiletto 2 Heads

Bass Amps

Ampeg SVT7 Pro Bass Rig

Ampeg SVT4pro Bass Rig

Ampeg PF800 Bass Rig

SWR Working Man 450 Bass Rig

Gallien Krueger  RB1001 Bass Rig

Carvin Redline 

Contact Us

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Drum Kits

Tama Silverstar 7pc 

Tama Superstar 6PC

Mapex Saturn 6pc

Ludwig Maple Classic 7pc

PA Systems

Mackie, Behringer  & Yamaha Mixers

Mackie SRM450 Monitors

2-3  Microphones per room ( addtional available)

Mic Stands

Mic Chords


Our Vending Machine Has

Guitar Picks

Guitar Strings

Bass Strings




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