Recording Studio

UBERBEATZ offers a state of the art recording facility onsite. We have had some amazing projects choose us to bring their ideas to fruition.

The latest project we were able to work on was the March 2019 QUEENSRYCHE Release "The Verdict".. Check it out... 


Email us for inquiry on rates and to see if we can help you with your project.



-SSL Matrix Hybrid Board 



 -Audio Technica Studio Mics

 -AT 4050 (2)

 -AT 4060 (1) ** TUBE VOCAL **

 -AT 4051b (2)

-Warm Audio 87

-Warm Audio 184 (2)

-AKG 413 (2)


-Royer R-122 Ribbons (2)


-Rode NT-5 (matched set)


-Earthworks TC20’s (matched set)


-Shure SM57 (4)

-Shure SM7B (1)


-Sennheiser 421 (5)

-Sennheiser 609 (2)


-Electro Voice RE20


-Outboard Mic Pre’s

 -API 3124+mb (4ch)

 -Focusrite 428 (4ch)

 -Midas XL48 (8ch)

 -Vintech 473 (4ch)

 -Manley Slam (2ch)

 -Brent Averill (2 ch)

-Outboard EQ

 - 8- DBX 530's


-Outboard Compressors

 -Chandler Limited Germanium

 -Empirical Labs Distressor w/ British X Mod (2)

 -2- DBX 560'S

-Smart Research C1LA stereo comp


-Direct Box

 -Radial Engineering ProAV1 (2)

 -Tech21 SansAmp Bass DI (1)


-Platforms Run for Recording

 -Apple MAC PRO 2-2.4GHz, 16gigs of RAM

 -Samsung 40” Monitor

 -ProTools HD10 Native

 -Logic Pro



-Slate Digital Suite

 -Melodyne Editor

 -Waves Studio Classics (SSL, V-Series and API)

 -Lexicon PCM Reverb





-Event Opals

-Yamaha HS50’s

-Yamaha Vintage NS10's


-Personal Monitors for Artist

 -MyMix System (individual 8 channel control)

 -Shure SRH440 headphones

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